Like the magical Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz, the Internet has become a virtual global city, where you can find whatever your heart desires. In only a few short years the Internet has become the biggest market place in the world, where just about anything can be bought or sold. Websites like Craig's List, eBay and hundreds of others have made it possible to sell those valuable items you no longer need or want, to a buyer on the other side of the world, or right next door.

In a market place where millions of people come and compete to sell their goods every day, it takes skill and experience to get the attention of the right buyers - those willing to pay a top price for the special items you want to sell. Though some online websites have made it easy to place simple classified style ads, for the average person who has neither the time nor the desire to become technically savvy enough to use the more advanced systems like eBay, there is a solution. 

As your personal online sales agent, Emerald City Trader can be your virtual "Wizard of OS (Online Sales)" helping you get the best price for just about anything you want to sell. We have both the sales and technical experience to provide you with the best opportunity to sell your items online, for the best price. From Apples to Zebras, even Yellow Brick Roads and Tin Men, any item or collection of value can be sold online, you just have to know how - and that's what Emerald City Trader provides. 

What We Offer - Know How and Follow Through To Assure Success

Research: Emerald City Trader does the research for you. Based on the type of merchandise you want to sell, we determine the best websites to advertise your products - websites where interested buyers can be found, and we determine the best online selling system to use - whether by direct sale or an online auction. Through our research, we find comparable sales information, if it exists anywhere on the Internet, and use that information to determine a probable value and selling price range for your sale.

Effective Advertising: Most online auction and sales sites, like eBay and Craig's List, provide simple and limited templates for the average customer.  If you know how to develop your ad in HTML code, compatible with these online forms, your ad can stand out from the crowd.  We have the experience and the knowhow to provide just that kind of effective eye-catching ads. More than that, we employ a strategy using multiple ad sites to drive prospective buyers to your sale. 

Photos & Videos: In most cases, we are able to prepare your ads using photos and / or videos you provided of the items to be sold.  If needed, we can make arrangements with you to take the photos or videos at our location or yours. In special cases where some items may warrant a higher order of images, we can also arrange to have them made by a professional photographer.

Managing Your Sale: Selling valuable items online requires preparation and continued oversight. From setting up the ad and arranging the terms of the sale, to answering questions for prospective buyers and monitoring the sales activity - we provide full service management and keep you informed on the progress - so you can relax while you wait for the results.

Showing Location: Some items need to be shown to prospective buyers at times you may not be available to show them, or you may live in an out of the way location difficult to find.  We can provide a point of sale at our Bellevue location where most types of merchandise can be stored and viewed by appointment.  

Your Choice of Selling Options:  The cost of our service is based on the type of merchandise you want to sell and the choices you make in the level of service we are to provide.  From Automobiles to antique Zithers - the right selling format can be found on the Internet.  After an initial consultation we can provide you with the options available to you, including in some cases a no cost option if your item does not sell.

Free Initial Consultation and Estimate

Contact us for a free initial consultation and estimate: Once you provide us with a description of the item or items you want to sell, we do the initial research and provide you with a free estimate of the probable value and selling price range you can expect. At that point we can also advise you of the type of services we can provide and any options that apply, which may including a no cost option if your item does not sell.

What We Need

Following is a list of information that will help us prepare your estimate and the type of selling options we can provide.

Item description: Provide any information you can about the item or items you want to sell, including the type or classification of item - i.e.: furniture, vehicle, antique collectable, etc., and where known, the model number, make and year of manufacture.

Condition: Selling price will always be effected by the condition of any item to be sold.  Describe any modifications or additions to your sales item that may improve its selling value, or damages and wear that may reduce the selling price you should expect.

Special Circumstances: Some items may have additional value due to historical connection or special circumstances of its manufacture - include any information of this type that you are aware of.

Photos or Scanned Images: It can be especially helpful to have actual photos of the items you want to sell. If you have the ability, please email a photograph - a photo take by a digital camera or cell phone should do - or a scanned copy of an existing image of the item.

Your Contact Information: Please be sure to include information on how you want us to contact you - including day or evening phone numbers, and email address to use. 

How To Contact Us

Send the above information to "".  or call (425) 889-2857 if you have any questions about our service or on the items you want to sell.

Emerald City Trading Post - Items Sold and Currently Available
ITEMS BEING SOLD Date Concludes Asking Price Local Ad Copy
Steelcase 3 Drawer Lateral File
N/A $195.00

Steelcase Office Desks

N/A $1,195.00
ITEMS TO BE SOLD DESCRIPTION Click Link for Information
         Super Hero and Thriller Comics 125 Super Hero and Thriller comics dating from 1969 to late 1970's Link to Comics
Desk / Task Chair
Sold $69.00

Sectional Sofa Set

Sold $375.00

Thriller Comic Collection

Sold #391.99

Super Hero Comic Collection

Sold $1,378.99