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OFFICE DESKS - Steelcase Ellipse Desk System - 80% Off New Price
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Made for today's hi-tech office - all components of this quality desk system from the "Ellipse" line of Steelcase office desks have built-in wire paths for computers, power and phones. Forced to down-size due to the economy, desks are being sold by their owner from his Kirkland office location.

Two stand-alone desks with two and three drawer attached file cabinets, one removable desk back screen and one 90 degree corner section are included in this sale.

Based on current Steelcase prices for new components, this desk system would sell for over $4,100, (see documentation below). Buy it now for $695.

Buyer can pick up the desks from the Kirkland location, or for information and other delivery options, call the number below.

For more information, Call Skip - (425) 889-2857   Assembled 3-Piece Sectional Steelcase desk system

Assembled 3-Piece Sectional Steelcase desk system
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Steelcase Desk - 48" x 30" with three file drawers   Steelcase Desk - 54" x 30" with two file drawers

New Prices for Comparable Steelcase Ellipse Desks and Components

Information below is fror price comparrison only
1 Steelcase 30" x 48" Desk ADXP3048L9 $904.00
1 Steelcase 30" x 54" Desk ADXP3054L4 $945.00
1 Steelcase 90 degree Desktop AJR3090l3 $682.00
1 Steelcase 3-Drawer Desk File Cabinet RPF1827A $575.00
1 Steelcase 2-Drawer Desk File Cabinet RPAH1815C $511.00
1 Steelcase 12" x 48" Desk Screen AATX4812X0 $350.00
1 Set of two Desk Screen Support Brackets AABX0000X2 $155.00
7 Pieces   Total Price For New Desks $4,122.00
Link to Steelcase Ellipse Desk System Specification Guide and Price List - please be patient - it's a big file.