Flash, Vol. 1 #107
DC Comics
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Return Of The Super-Gorilla! / The Amazing Race Against Time!
July 1959
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"Return of the Super-Gorilla!" - Grodd has escaped his imprisonment into a subterranean domain, where he uses his mind control powers to enslave the winged denizens below. He returns to a life of crime, boring up through the earth to commit the acts. Solovar contacts Flash, who travels underground, only to find that the atmosphere below crystallizes around him when he moves at full speed. Grodd's crime spree continues while the Flash is trapped. Flash eventually vibrates free and captures Grodd. "The Amazing Race Against Time!" - While trying to head off a crime, the Flash is passed by an even faster runner. Iris West soon sets up a race between the two to determine who really is the fastest. The newcomer wins because he can accelerate faster, and not because he's a faster runner. After the race, electroshock therapy is tried to help cure the newcomer's amnesia. This works, though it also robs him of his speed; he's actually an alien robot, tasked to using his super speed to seal up a weak spot in the cosmos that threatens the entire Universe. Flash travels with him to complete that mission, before he is returned to Earth.
Writer John Broome
Penciller Carmine Infantino
Inker Joe Giella
Flash (Barry Allen)
Iris West
Gorilla Grodd (Grodd)

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Series Group Action, Super Heroes
Genre Action, Super-Heroes
Color Color
Country USA
Language English
Release Date July 1959

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All pages are present and in good condition, with light yellowing. The front cover has a few bend creases along the binding edge.