Turock, Son of Stone #66
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The Trap of Flames
July 1969  July 1969
Read It: Yes 32 Pages

Product Details
Series Group Turock, Son of Stone
Genre Adventure, Fantasy, Super Heros
Release Date July 1969

Personal Details
Collection Status For Sale
This comic has only 32 pages, indicating there may be a missing center section with four pages. There does not appear to be any break in the story line however, so if there are missing pages they do not include any of the story pages. The last seven pages (14 page sides) have a small clean cut about 3/8 of an inch long in the rite bottom page border area, and the color of the pages is light yellow, tending slightly darker on the top and bottom edges. Front and back covers have only a few small bend lines along the binding edge, and the back cover has a couple of pink highlighter marks on the advertising toward the bottom.